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Deep Programming – Modern VIBE 🛸 #28

Focus & Concentration (Minimum Vocals & without high tone) NEW MIXES AVAILABLE ON Spotify ➡️ …

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  1. well, this is not related to programming, this more like some skid stuff, idk wdym by programming music
    but as a programmer, i would say the true programming culture and music are the indie music and parodies on 4chan tbh if we say real "programming music" exists

    but a relaxing music 😀 thx

  2. Deep programming techniques for modern focus and concentration with minimum vocals and without high tones involve creating a distraction-free environment and implementing rituals to trigger concentration. Here are some strategies you can try:

    1. Create a deep work ritual: Determine where you will work, when and how long you will work, and establish rules to guide your concentration. For example, you can work in a quiet space with minimal distractions, schedule specific time blocks for deep work, and set guidelines for internet usage and phone placement.

    2. Pair concentration triggers: Your brain remembers specific associations, so you can create rituals that signal your brain it's time to focus. For example, if you always clean off your desk before working, a clear workspace can help you concentrate better in the future.

    3. Rhythmic philosophy: Establish a regular habit and rhythm for deep work by blocking out 1-4 hour chunks of focused time at the same time every day. Consistency is key, and you can use time management techniques like time blocking to complement this strategy.

    4. Minimize distractions: Turn off notifications, use Do Not Disturb mode or snooze notifications on your devices, and close out of email and messaging apps during deep work sessions. Creating a distraction-free environment is crucial for maintaining focus.

    5. Set goals and track progress: Set short-term and long-term goals for the amount of time you want to dedicate to deep work. Create a scoreboard or use goal-tracking methods like SMART goals or OKRs to measure and track your progress.

    Remember, deep work is a state of peak concentration that allows you to learn hard things and produce quality work quickly. By implementing these techniques, you can enhance your focus and concentration while minimizing distractions.

  3. 1. Struggling With Blueprints in Unreal Engine 5? No Idea for a working logic?
    2. Turn on this mix.
    3. Listen to it and wait a few minutes.
    4. You Brain will bring you Ideas for your logic needs!

  4. I had 2 cups of coffee and was previously listening to a video at 1.5x speed, which had transitioned to this video on selection. Needless to say I closed a lot of tasks in less than 2 hours and felt like a race dog zooming through an obstacle course.

  5. 16:15
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